Looking to Boost Your Influence as a Leader and Improve Your Team’s Performance?

Collaborative Decision-Making is the Key.

Collaboration Breakthroughs helps teams make decisions by developing and leading custom workshops that transform ideas into impact. Our structured yet flexible approach promotes open dialogue, active listening, and problem-solving, empowering teams to apply their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise to achieve successful project outcomes.

Not Leveraging Your Team’s Collective Wisdom is Hurting Your Performance

Transform Ideas into Impact with 
We Decide Together WorkshopsTM

Unlike typical workshops that teach pre-determined content and occasionally use exercises to reinforce concepts, our We Decide Together WorkshopsTM are process-focused sessions that empower teams to apply their collective wisdom to make decisions. Our approach is flexible and relies on communication and collaboration to quickly reach consensus and achieve desired results.

We Decide Together WorkshopsTM are created and led by a trained professional facilitator who guides your team through specialized timed exercises designed to clarify goals, inspire innovative thinking, and identify the best path forward. Sessions can be conducted in person or virtually.